On the 20th & 21st, Diamond Creative Vision HUB and partners hosted the 2nd annual 053 Hackathon held in the heart of Galeshewe, a suburb in the capital city of Northern Cape at the Northern Cape Urban TVET College.

The event attracted computer programmes, data scientist, software developers and tech entrepreneurs in and around Kimberley. The main aim of the 053 Hackathon is to digitalise Kimberley and transform it into a smart competitive city.

The 053 Hackathon teams presented practical scalable digital solutions that can enhance the effectiveness of the city and solve everyday problems. The local community gathered for 24 hours to develop workable prototypes of their digital solutions for commercialisation and to grow the local digital economy.

We had 7 participating teams taking part in this year’s edition of the 053 Hackathon. Our local expert judges had their hands full with making the difficult decision of choosing our winners which will receive further support to develop their digital solutions.

The first place prize went to “Digital Crime Solvers” who won a Sensít device sponsored by Sqwidnet, Business Development voucher valued at R40 000,00 and a trip to Johannesburg to participate in the ITWEB Security Summit on the 23rd – 25th May 2018. The 2nd place prize winners went to a young emerging talent of software developers who also won a sensít device to add value to their digital solutions.

Local school learners were invited to experience tech innovation and being exposed to the knowledge and digital economy of the 4th industrial revolution. Mentors from the GKSS student society from Sol Plaatjie University were also present to support and assist the participating teams. The 053 hackathon provided a platform to design and develop prototype digital solutions that can impact the city and grow the local digital economy.



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